Elizabeth Smith - Foot Health

Elizabeth Smith


I qualified at the SMAE Institute in Maidenhead, Berkshire, which has been providing training in foot health for more than a hundred years! I am a member of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals, which means that I am insured for the work I do. I live in Summertown and cover North Oxford, Summertown, Marston, Kidlington and Yarnton. Whenever possible I travel to visit my patients on foot or by bike.

What is a Foot Health Professional?​

What is a Foot Health Professional and how are they different from Chiropodists and Podiatrists? This can sometimes cause confusion. A Chiropodist will have qualified before 2003, when the terminology changed. Since then, anyone qualifying will be either a Podiatrist or a Foot Health Professional (sometimes called a Foot Health Practitioner). 'Podiatrist' is an internationally recognised term and, in the UK, it means a person who has degree in podiatry. Podiatrists can prescribe medication, carry out surgery, administer anaesthetics and are often specialists in a particular area as well as performing general foot care. A Foot Health Professional, on the other hand, will usually have studied for a Diploma in Foot Health and will deal with routine foot care such as nail cutting, treating corns and calluses and managing verrucae and fungal conditions of the foot and nails.      

Your first appointment

A first appointment with a new patient will take longer than any subsequent visits as I will need to find out a little about your general health and carry out a neurovascular assessment. I will ask you to fill in a medical history form. Sometimes this can be done in advance of the appointment. 

All appointments

I will bring everything I need with me but it is helpful if my patients can identify a comfortable chair for themselves, positioned in a place with as much light as possible. Natural light is good but an extra lamp can also be helpful, although not essential. Similarly, if you can provide a clean towel to cover the floor under your foot, this will save waste. If not, I will use a plastic covering. Although I am an animal lover, it is preferable for health and safety reasons to keep pets out of the room. Your appointment will last up to an hour.


I charge £35 for a standard appointment. I may need to charge extra if your treatment requires any non-standard products but this would be fairly unusual. I carry a card reader and prefer this form of payment but cash, cheque or bank transfer are other options.